Frequently Asked Questions About Georgia Moped Laws

Do you need a License to Operate a 50cc Moped in Georgia?

Yes! In Georgia you must be at least 15 Years Old and Have a Learners License/Permit or a Valid Drivers License to Operate a  gas 49/50cc moped/scooter. No Motorcycle License is Required.
You Might Also Get A Special Permit at Your Local Court for a Fee, If you do not have a license for a first offense.

Where can you Legally Operate a 50cc Moped in Georgia?

Any road where the "Minimum" speed limit is not posted as 35 (or More) Miles per hour. (A 50cc moped will not always maintain 35 miles per hour) "Speed Limit" is not the same as minimum speed. You can ride on a road that is posted 45mph or higher, just be respectful of other drivers and keep to the right side of the road.

Is a Helmet Required to ride a moped in Georgia?

YES! A Helmet IS required in Georgia for both the Driver AND passengers.
Always Wear A Helmet!

Is a tag required in Georgia for a 50cc Moped?

No. A tag is not required.
In fact you can not get a 50cc moped registered for a tag or title in Georgia.

Is Insurance required on a Moped in Georgia?

No. Insurance is not required For a 50cc Moped Driven in Georgia. But we at "Chicken Little Scooters" recommend you get comprehensive insurance in case your moped is stolen or if you are injured in an accident.

Can You Ride on Sidewalks With a Moped?

No! Police Frown on That and They May Stop You and Give You A Ticket or Worse!

What Is The Difference Between a Moped and A Scooter?

The Spelling ; ) In The Eyes of The State Of Georgia, They Are The Same.

What is The Difference Between a 49cc And a 50cc  Moped?

A 50cc Moped Engine Will Usually Reach Speeds of 30 Miles Per Hour. So Will A 49cc Moped. That is Why Law  Allows A 15 Year Old Person With A Learners Permit to Ride a Moped. Plus No Shifting Gears and The 30 MPH Maximum Speed. A moped With a Larger Engine (51cc Plus) is Legally Considered A Motorcycle. So If You Are Buying A 49cc Moped You Are Also Buying A 50cc Scooter. They Are Just Words! Until The Size of The Motor is OVER 50cc.